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SureStrip Prepasted Wallpaper

Posted on: September 13, 2013 by admin

It appears that the wallcovering industry might be poised to make a drastic turnaround in North America soon. A whole generation that has collectively eschewed wallpaper in favor of paint because of the arduous removal process down the road might be tempted to it give it another chance.

The reason for this possible change lies in a propriety technology, created by York Wallcovering, called SureStrip™. Many individuals inside the company truly believe that it has the ability to revolutionize the way the mass public, particular the younger crowd, views wallpaper.

What Makes SureStrip™ Unique From Other Wallpaper?

SureStrip™ is made from natural and synthetic fibers. Its vinyl free and not manufactured from cheap substrates.

This technology allows for an entire sheet of wallpaper to be easily hung on a wall and easily taken off a wall, in one gigantic roll. The hassle of taking down wallpaper in chunks or pieces, years down the road, is permanently removed.

The back is still pre-pasted, meaning you merely have to wet the back of the wallpaper to hang it up. As in the past, no special adhesives are needed to hang up any York paper.  Water activates the dry paste on the back. Once you dip the paper in water, you just need to place the wet stripe of wallpaper where you want it to go on your wall and then gently smooth it out.

When you want to remove the wallpaper there is no need for any special chemicals, steamers or tools. You just need to pull the dry sheets of the wall and your job is complete.

York Wallcoverings guarantees that their products will strip off your walls in nice even rolls and will take responsibility if it does not. If everything they say holds up then this product is definitely a “game changer.” They will effectively have eliminated the #1 complaint about their product. It will not be long until manufacturers take notice and come up with their own “fully strippable” wallpaper collections, however, currently York is the only manufacturer on this side of the globe that is doing it.

SureStrip Prepasted Wallpaper