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Modern Classics Perfected by Ronald Redding

Posted on: November 18, 2013 by admin

Ronald Redding is a national celebrity within the wallcovering industry, rising over the last two decades to become one of the most admired wallpaper designers in North America.

Ronald Redding blends past and present together

His penchant for perfectly blending past and present together is what makes his brand strong among many of our nation's top interior decorators. 

What differentiates a good wallpaper designer from a great one is the intuitive six sense that he has with colors, coordination and fashion. Inspiration is everywhere and individuals like Ronald Redding know how to bottle up that inspiration and transmit that feeling they got from from some external source into their line of wall decor.

The new trend in home decor is "modern classic." These days homeowners want the traditional look of sophisticated traditional decor without looking ancient and outdated. They want the elegance of damask and trailing scroll without their home looking like it was used as a backdrop to Downton Abby. The whole 21st century "art deco" craze is over, as far as it being mainstream, and many people want a classic design with a contemporary twist.

Designers like Ronald Redding, Candice Olson, Barbara Becker and Stacey Garcia have mastered the art of letting people live in both worlds. These individuals are taking designs that have been around for hundreds of years, tweaking their elements, smoothing out the lines and turning wallpaper that your grandmother may have used into something that is fashionable and relevant.

He currently has 22 collections that are distributed by York Wallcovering, and is huge promoter of adding textures, grasscloth and beaded elements in his wallpaper. 

Though a genius in his own right, Ronald is an extremely approachable guy with no hint of ego to him. If you ever take a tour of York's factory in South Pennsylvania you can usually find him wondering the different areas, greeting everyone he meets with a gigantic smile, regardless of who it is.