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Decorating Rustic Themed Accent Walls

Posted on: May 12, 2014 by admin

Many homeowners love the idea of the exposed brick look in their house. They may, however, flinch when they see the costs associated with it.

Fear not! There is an easy solution that will give you this unique look without having to liquidate your 401k to do so. The secret is faux brick wallpaper. Its perfect for giving walls a craftsman-type feeling without breaking the bank.

The following are some ideas you can think about as you're planning your next decorating project.


Faux White Brick

White faux brick wallpaper brings a touch of the outdoors combined with a touch of elegance.

Faux woodboard patterns appeal to people who want to bring an outdoors "earthy" look to a room while still maintaining a high level of sophistication.  

Weathered Woodboard Wallpaper

Individuals who like a more country look enjoy decorating their walls with faux weathered wood panels.

Faux Stone Blocks

Stone is a good option if you like want to have a more "Mediterranean" rustic look to your house. 

Cork Wallpaper

 Elegant and sophisticated, faux cord prints give an unparalleled level of depth various rooms within their house.