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Brewster Wallcovering

Brewster Wallpaper

Brewster Wallcovering is a 5th generation family owned business that was founded in 1935. It has since become one of the largest producer and distributor of wallpaper in the USA and Canada. Their sub-brands include Brewster Home Fashions, Beacon House, Fairwind Studios, Kenneth James, Mirage, National Geographic or Wall Pops! Their collections include grasslcoth, popular classical designs and faux rock textures. 


Advantage Bali Wallpaper

Bali Wallpaper by Advantage

Advantage Bath

Bath Wallpaper Book By Advantage and Brewster Wallcovering

Advantage Deluxe

Wallpaper Book Advantage Deluxe

Advantage Kitchen

Wallpaper Book Advantage Kitchen

Advantage Metallic

Wallpaper Book Advantage Metallic

Advantage Shades Of Grey

Shades Of Grey by Advantage and Brewster Wallcovering

Advantage Tradition

Advantage Traditional from Brewster


Wallpaper Book Alchemy by A Street Designs


Alhambra Wallpaper Book by Kenneth James

Ami Charming Prints

Ami Charming Prints - Brewster

Anaglypta XII

Anaglypta XII By Brewster

Avalon by Decorline

Avalon wallpaper book by Decorline

Backgrounds & Stripes

Backgrounds & Stripes by Brewster Designs

Bath Bath Bath IV

Bath Bath Bath IV by Brewster

Beacon House Home

Beacon House Home Wallpaper Book by Brewster Home Fashions

Bellissimo VI

Bellissimo VI by Brewster Wallcovering

Birch & Sparrow

Birch & Sparrow Wallpaper Book by Brewster


Bluebell Wallpaper Book


Bold by Eijffinger Wallpaper

Borders by Chesapeake

Borders by Chesapeake

Brewster Essentials

Brewster Essentials Wallpaper book

Canton Road by Kenneth James

Canton Road by Kenneth James

Catalina Watercolours

Catalina Watercolours Wallpaper Book By Brewster


Celadon By A Street Prints

Cortina 4 Warner Textures

Wallpaper Book Cortina 4


Countryside by Brewster


CWV Wallpaper Book by Brewster

Echo Lake Lodge by Chesapeake

Echo Lake Lodge Wallpaper Book by Chesapeake




Wallpaper Book Empress by Beacon House


Equinox by A street Prints


Essence By Decorline


Evolve Wallpaper Book By Brewster

EZ Hang Textures

EZ Hang Textures - Manufactured in England by Fine Decor


Farmhouse By Chesapeake


Fibers, an A Street collection of Quality Textures and Fiber Wall

Flowers & Textures

Flowers and Textures Mural Book By Komar


Folklore Wallpaper Book by Brewster

For Your Bath 3

For Your Bath 3 Wallpaper Book By Brewster Designs

Fresh Start Kitchen & Bath

Fresh Start Kitchen & Bath by Brewster

Gentlemen's Quarters

Wallpaper Book | Gentlemen's Quarters by Chesapeake


Geo by Advantage from Brewster

Geometrie Wallpaper Book By A Street Prints

Geometrie Wallpaper Book By A Street Prints


Geonature By Eijffinger


GeoTex By Kenneth James

Graphic World by Brewster

Graphic World Wallpaper book by Brewster


Habitat by A Whimsical Wonderland

Hide and Seek

Hide and Seek by Brewster


Imprint Wallpaper Book by Brewster

In Bloom

In Bloom Wallpaper Book By Brewster

Into Illusions II

Into Illusions II By Komar

Jade Grasscloth

Grasscloth Book Jade By Kenneth James


Kindred Wallpaper by Brewster


Kismet Wallpaper Book by Brewster

Kitchen & Bath Essentials

Kitchen & Bath Essentials By Brewster

Kitchen & Bath Resource Volume III

Kitchen & Bath Resource Vol III - Brewster Home Fashions

Kitchen Bath Bed Resource IV

Kitchen Bath Bed Resource IV Wallpaper Book


Lino By Eijffinger

Lounge Luxe

Lounge Luxe By Brewster

Manhattan Club

Manhattan Club by Chesapeake

Meadowlark by Chesapeake

Meadowlark by Chesapeake


Medley Wallpaper Book


Mirabelle Wallpaper Book By Brewster


Mistral by Brewster Wallcovering


Moonlight By A Street Prints


Nature by Advantage from Brewster

Neutral - Black and White by Advantage

Wallpaper Book Neutral - Black and White by Advantage


NuWallpaper By Brewster


Outdoors Wallpaper Book | Hautman Brothers | Chesapeake


Oxford: Masculine Themed Wallpaper Book Beacon House


Pacifica Wallpaper Book

Paintable Solutions 5

Paintable Solutions 5 By Brewster

Palm Springs

Palm Springs


Perennial Wallpaper book by A Street Designs

Plain Simple Useful Terence Conran

Wallpaper Book Plain Simple Useful Terence Conran

Polished by Brewster

Brewster Polished wallpaper book


Precision Wallpaper Book by Brewster


Prism Wallpaper Book by Decorline Studios

Pure Country

Pure Country Wallpaper Book | Cheasapeake | Warner Wallcovering


Wallpaper Book Rasch by Brewster


Reclaimed Wallpaper Book by A Steet Prints


Regent Wallpaper Book by Brewster


Resource by Eijffinger


Restored Modern Rustic

Riva by Brewster

Riva Wallpaper Book by Brewster | TotalWallcovering


Wallpaper book, Rosemore

Sage Hill

Sage Hill Wallpaper Book By Chesapeake

Sandudd by Brewster

Sandudd Wallpaper book by Brewster Wallcovering

Scenics Edition 2

Scenics Edition 2 Mural Book By Komar and National Geographic

Scott Living

Scott Living by A Street Designs

Seaside Living

Seaside Living By Chesapeake


Selvaggia Wallpaper Book by Brewster

Shangri La

Shangri La Grasscloth | Kenneth James | Brewster Wallcovering

Signature By Sarah Richardson

Signature By Sarah Richardson

Simple Space 2

Simple Space 2 by Brewster


Siroc By Eijffinger


Solstice Wallpaper Book By A Street Prints

Spring by A-Street Designs

Spring Wallpaper Book by A-Street Designs

Stone and Wood by Advantage

Stone and Wood by Advantage

Stripes by Chesapeake

Wallpaper Book Stripes by Chesapeake | Brewster Home Fashions


Surfaces by Advantage from Brewster


Symetrie Wallpaper Book by A Street Prints

Terra by Eijffinger

Terra Wallpaper book by Eijffinger

Textural Essentials

Textured Wallpaper Collection, Textural Designs

Texturall 3

Texturall 3 By Warner Textures

Texture Basics

Texture Basics by Advantage from Brewster

Texture Trends 2

Texture Trends 2 Wallpaper Book By Brewster

Textures & Weaves

Textures & Weaves By Warner Studios

The Cottage

The Cottage Wallpaper Book By Brewster

The Vineyard

The Vineyard by Chesapeak

Theory by A Street

Contemporary Wallpaper Designs

Totally for Kids

Totally for Kids by Chesapeake

Trilogy by A Street Prints

Trilogy Wallpaper Book

University of Oxford

University of Oxford Archives Selection by Brewster

Via Della Seta

Via Della Seta by Brewster

Vista Decorline by Brewster

Wallpaper Book Vista

Warner Basics V

Warner Basics V Wallpaper by Brewster

Warner Textures 5

Warner Textures 5 Wallpaper Book By Brewster

Warner Textures IX by Main Street Designs

Warner Textures IX by Main Street Designs Wallpaper Book

Warner Textures VII

Warner Textures VII by Brewster Wallcovering


Wonderland by Brewster

You Are My Sunshine

Childrens Wallpaper Book, You Are My Sunshine


Zen Grasscloth Collection by Kenneth James